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Dean: Rev. Fr. Raphael Osei Soadwah (0505257303 / 0276424282


St Michael P.O.Box 4, Jamasi - Ashanti

Secretary: Mr. Dominic Amponsah



P.O.Box SE 2408, Suame Kumasi

Ag. Parish Priest / Chaplain to St. Michael's Community SHS: Fr. Alfred Eric Amankwah Nyame (0241150161 / 0204582956)

Sunday Mass:          9:30am 

Outsations (12) Adumang, Akom, Akrofrom, Apagya, Denase, Duaponko, Asaase, Kodie, Kwamang, Nkwantakese, Aduamoa, Penteng.

Short History:

The Catholic church started at Ahenkro around 1936. It had been an outstation of the following parishes: Jamasi, Offinso, Suame, Boamang and Bouho. the Parish was created on the 21st September, 2002 by carving twelve (12) outstations from Buoho Rectorate and Boamang Parish namely: Aduman,Akom, Akrofrom, Apagya, Denase, Duaponko, Asaase, Kodie,Kwamang Nkwantakese Peteng. The following are some priest who have worked there. Rev. Frs. Emmanuel K. Antwi,  Emmanuel Effah, Anthony Boahen Nketia, Brigth Appiagyei Boakye.


Established on 30th September, 2010
Parish Priest: Fr. Augustine Max Obiri Yeboah
Sunday Mass: 7.00 a.m.
Outstations (5) Amenase, Dabang, Dome, Nobesu, Wiamoase.


St.Francis of Assisi
Rector: Fr.Theresa-Paul Amoako,
Sunday Mass: 7.00 a.m








 St. Peter's Rectorate, Agona

Rector: Rev. Fr. Dominic Afrifa Yamoah


Newly Created as a Christian Community with Rev Fr. Dominic Afrifa Yamoah in Charge. He is the Chaplain of the Catholic Students of Agona Senior High Technical

Contact Numbers: 0202639212, 0244053794



One man by name Gabriel Afful came into the town in late 60’s (1968) and he found out that there was no catholic church so he was attending mass at Jamasi. This man went to church one day and met a friend by name Peter, a northerner and told him of his intension of establishing a catholic church at Agona. Mr. Afful and his wife Afia Boahemaa and Mr. Peter and his wife had a discussion after which they met one Mr. Ofori who also expressed his interest to join them. The men and their wives met in the room of Mr. Afful and had their first meeting and appointed interim executives. In the meeting, they chose Mr. Afful to be their president and so the northerners became furious and broke up but Mr. Afful took task all by himself to become the president in order to establish the church.

The rest of the members brought it up that they needed a place of worship and so they went to the Presbyterian Church executives and requested that they release one of their school classrooms to them as their place of worship and their request was quickly granted so they moved into the school classroom for their services. In the course of their aim of establishing the church, Mr. Ofori who was a court clerk was transferred from Agona and so they came to a stand still. Mr. Afful being the president knew one boy named Michael from Afamanso and so invited him to come and help them in the establishment of the church. Since the boy was from another town, they normally give the offering they realize at the end of every service to him as transportation fee.

By the help of the boy named Michael, the church grew up and so one woman by name Mrs. Lucy Peprah decided to form a youth organization called the Catholic Youth Organization (C.Y.O). The people did not like it so they all left the church including their children so it finally collapsed. Agona, being the district capital of Afigya Sekyere south, people were transferred to work there so all those who were transferred into the town like Mr. J.O.K. Oppong, who is the current church president, Mr. James Joachim helped to establish the church. The church grew and as it grew members and other town members decided to travel to Nigeria in search of greener pastures so it collapsed again, all these while Mr. Afful was still the church president. One day, he met one cocoa farmer from Bipoa who joined him in the establishment of the church so they decided to form a union thus members from Agona, Afamanso and Bipoa came together to worship. This unity made the church known and so inhabitants of the town started joining.

Later, one Mr. James from Beposo also came and joined Mark so they both helped in the service. The then Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Gabriel Asare saw the good works they have done and congratulated them and also promised to help them by soliciting help from abroad. Rev. Fr. Gabriel Asare went and came back with six hundred thousand cedis (¢600,000), during this time, Jamasi parish was part of the then Diocese of Kumasi so the money went to the Bishop of that time Most Rev. Peter Kwasi Sarpong who decided that the amount was too huge so intended to put it in a bank so the money was released to them but was given to them in material form like roofing sheets, cement and others when the need arose. He did this until the money was finished so the items at their disposal couldn’t build the chapel so they laid the foundation and elevated few pillars with the available resources. During this time, they were still worshiping in the classroom given to them by the Presbyterian Church at Agona.

A new pastor came and told them to hire the classroom for their services if not they should be ejected from the classroom. They did not have the money to hire the classroom. One Sunday they got ready for church only to find out that the classroom has been locked up so they departed to their various homes. During this time the church had had enough men so they decide to go for palm frond as roofing of their chapel so they can worship there until they get money to purchase proper roofing sheets.

All the men in the church were government workers so only two men dedicated themselves to help so they went into the forest in search of wood so if they find out that you have wood in your farm, they bargain with you and then cut the tree. They did that until they had enough wood for the roofing. Meanwhile the money brought to them by the Rev. Fr. Gabriel Asare from abroad had been used to purchase roofing sheets for them by Most Rev. Peter Kwasi Sarpong. They were shown four (4) different lands to build their chapel until finally, the Omanhene’s brother by name Uncle John who was a catholic with his brother the chief on behalf of the church and he gave them land where they have presently built their chapel and are currently worshiping. All these while Mr. Gabriel Afful was still the president until recently about three months ago they conducted an election and stepped down for others to help. The church seeing his good work congratulated him for his hard work.

In conclusion, the church started with six members; Mr. Gabriel Afful and wife Mrs. Rose Afful, Mr. Peter and wife, Mr. Ofori and Mr. Michael.

The Bishop Most Rev. Joseph Osei Bonsu Appointed Rev. Fr. Dominic Afrifa Yamoah to be in charge of the church on 1st September 2013.




ASAMANG RECTORATE        St. Gabriel

P.O. Box 3, Asamang, Ashanti

Rector: Fr. Philip Agyei (0209006418)

Chaplain: Konadu Yiadom Senior High School

Sunday Masses:      9:00am.

Short History: The church was officially established in 1916.

The founder was the late Mr. Joseph Kankam, also known as Kofi Nantwie, who was a goldssmith by profession, he came into contact with catholicism through some of his customers in saltpond. the church building was completed in the mid 30s under the then parish priest, Rev. Fr. Fisher. Among the old Catechist are: Mr. Kwofie, mr. Addo. op. Kwadwo Kodie, Mr. Robert, Mr. Nketia, Mr Karikari (still Alive) Mr. Kwame Oppong.etc. The others included Nana Antwi Boasiako. Mr. Samuel Owusu Afriyie, and the present Catechist, Mr Francis Barfour Awuah.

The church had been over the years been under the administration of Jamasi Parish until September 2003 when it was raised to the level of a rectorate by Most Rev. Joseph Osei Bonsu.Rev. Fr. Eric Baffoe Antwi was the first to take charge and he was also assigned as a tutor and chaplain for Asamang Konadu Yiadom Secondary School.

The following are the names of the past chuch presidents: Joseph Kofi Kankam (founder), 1916-1970, Sabastian Sarfo, 1971-1975, Alexander Kofi Boamah, 1976-1992, Emmanuel Kwasi Donkor, 1992-1994, Kenneth Sarpong Kumakuma 1994-1997, Edward K. Mosi 1997-2002, Sylvester K Adu Agyapong 2003 to date. After Fr. Eric Baffoe Antwi, Fr. Francis Amoako was Appointed and it is his time that the current church building was built.

St. Gabriel Catholic Church    


JAMASI PARISH:       St. Micheal

P.O. Box 4,Jamasi Ashanti

Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Raphael Osei Soadwah (0505257303 / 0276424282)

Assistant Parish Priest: Fr. John Owusu-Agyemang (0245092778)

Sunday Masses: 8:00am

Outstations:  Afamanso, Apaah, Bepoah, Canaan, Dawu, Yonso.

Short History:

Michael’s St church started in 1916 at Jamasi. The church was brought to Jamasi by op. Peter Bekoe from Cape Coast. Members had to worship under a shed, which was built between the houses of Op. Kwabena Antwi and Op. Kwame Nyina. The priest who visited Jamasi and other places came from Kumasi and Konongo. The first to administer baptism was Fr. Philip Munziger. The first three people who were baptized were Op. Thomas Kwame Boo, Mad. Mary Akosua Nyarko, and Agnes Akua Nyarko whose parents were, Op. Yaw Boo and Mad. Ama Kwartemaa on 21st November, 1916.

The first priest to settle at Jamasi was Fr. John Van de Hout in 1932. He settled in the catechist house and later moved to the old mission house. In 1947 Rev. Fr. John Bastian extablished a primary school. He began with some children from Jamasi and the outstations like Asamang, Boanim, Bepoase, Kyekyewere, Anyinasu, Kwame Danso, Basa and the rest. The first headteacher was the then catechist, Mr. Sey. In 1947, Fr. Bastians started the middle school under the headship of Mr. Raphael Adu Brobbey.




P.O.Box KS 9898 Kumasi

Parish Erected on 16 August, 2001)

Parish Priest: Fr. Sylvester Frimpong (024-9291896)

Sunday Masses: &:30a.m./ 9:30a.m

Outstations: Bemi, Mayeden-Boayaase, Tetrem, Yamoakrom